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The way I work

The approach that I use as a psychotherapist and coach is called integrative psychotherapy & coaching. This recently developed approach integrates different views on human functioning. A central tenet of Integrative psychotherapy is that no single form of therapy is best or even adequate in all situations. Integrative therapy therefore requires flexibility from the therapist to adapt his approach to each individual client and his specific issues. That’s why the interventions that are being used, originate from several existing therapeutic approaches, such as experiential therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, contextual therapy, and system therapy. The fundamental idea is that this integrative framework enables me, as a psychotherapist and as a coach, to view one and the same question through very different lenses, which in turn opens up a wide range of possibilities for finding a suitable approach to your questions.

Both in the case of psychotherapy and coaching, the sessions mainly consist of talking, typically complemented with 'home assignments' of various kinds. However, since I like to work with experience-based techniques during psychotherapeutic sessions, we don't always just talk, but sometimes also make room for (bodily) experiences such as breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises, and for learning from new experiences.